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Liz Bowater is one of Cincinnati, Ohio’s resident songwriters. A native of Chicago, Illinois, Bowater re-located to Cincinnati in the summer of 2005 and is now supported by the songwriters’ cooperative Blue Jordan Records, which hosts other local artists such as David Wolfenberger, Janet Pressley and Brandon Dawson.

Bowater describes her music as “brave new folk.” Her songs are bold and confessional, offerings made without apology and without pretense. Her voice has been described as “magnetic” and the melodies as “sparklingly sublime.” Her voice and words together make the “overall package seem even more conversational and insular” (City Beat, January 2006).

Throughout the length of her career, Bowater’s music has taken on many forms. Liz still occasionally appears alone, but is sometimes accompanied by other Cincinnati artists.

Her career as a songwriter has produced three EPs and two full-length albums. After taking a brief hiatus to focus on a new marriage and then motherhood, Bowater released a new album in 2012. Made possible by a Rivertown Music Club recording grant in 2007, Since I Left Home is backed by Daniel Joseph Dorff and supported by Blue Jordan artists Brandon Dawson and Mike Helm.

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